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Embedded Systems
The Embedded Technology sector is currently amongst the fastest growing sectors within the IT segment, and is likely to remain for a long time to come. As a consequence, there is a rising demand in this field for Professionals who can deliver on the challenging requirements in this field.

Professionals trained in embedded systems technologies happen to be a rare commodity in the recruitment marketplace. Considering the vast scope of the field, ranging from telecom to consumer electronics to aerospace, the demand for embedded systems engineers for product development and application, will continue to grow in the years to come. According to an IDC report the international market as a whole expects product development worth $75 billion, which will require as many as 150,000 trained professionals in embedded systems development by the year 2005. While India is a known player in the software services space, the image of the country has been so far as a low-cost service provider. This is where embedded software development, which requires specialised skill sets, can make the difference.

It is a sector promising a fast track career, which is only for the brightest and the best. From handheld devices like personal digital assistants (PDAs) and smart cell phones, to automobiles and rocket propellers, embedded computing systems are in the heart of all. The demand for embedded systems is in fact rising in the areas of integrated embedded solutions spanning across various industry verticals. "As the world is experiencing groundbreaking research in the area of hardware technology (e.g. Nano technology and Quantum Mechanics), packing more power into a single chip will become possible in the near future. Researchers are trying to implement more than one core in a single chip. Once these kind of chips become a reality, it will lead to further miniaturisation of the ICs. This in turn will pave the path for the development of SOC's (System on Chip),"

The recruitment market will continuously need more and more trained professionals to meet the requirements of multiple industrial sectors. There are very few high-end training providers offering courses focused on embedded software in India.

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