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The lovely city of Hyderabad retains its old charm even today amidst the bustling atmosphere of a business city. From early 2000 the city of Hyderabad has been through an immense transition. Prior to this, even in 1998 there was one Chinese restaurant, named Palace Highs, in the whole city. So much so, the first shopping mall was also built in the very recent years in 2001. But today Hyderabad stands as one of the most modern cities of India, with innumerous shopping malls, sports venues, restaurants, pubs, bars, and various nights out options.

Today nightlife in Hyderabad, though not very vibrating as compared to the metros, it has still improved a lot. Most of the nightclubs get shut within 12pm at night leaving very few options for the tourists to enjoy a vivacious nightlife in the city of Hyderabad.

Modern Hyderabad has an energetic and a cosmopolitan nightlife. There are a wide range of recreational spots in Hyderabad which includes pubs, bars, discotheques, coffee joints where the 'nightlife starts after nine'. There are innumerable bars and clubs in Hyderabad and many more are still coming up. Lounge bars are getting very popular in Hyderabad.

As the sun goes down Hyderabad Nightlife heats up. Prepare yourself for a great nightlife in Hyderabad! There are plenty to choose from.

So if one wants to groove to the music and enjoy a glass or two, given below are some of Hyderabads nightclubs and bars:

Popular nightspots in Hyderabad include Rain, N Grill, Kismet, Hard Rock Cafe, 10D, B&C, TGIF, Beyond Coffee, Touch, Zouk, F Bar. Some popular nightspots are within hotels and others are independent. Few Nightclubs are limited to the five-star hotels, which all have their own discos, bars and sometimes gaming rooms. We will be regularly featuring various nightlife places in Hyderabad in this section.Watch this space. untill than Party hard...

List of City pubs...

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