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Take off to Nagarjunasagar-just 3hrs drive from Hyderabad

One of the early river valley civilization took birth here. Enthused by the peaceful environs of this place, Buddhists made this land a great hub of learning, setting up one of the four major Viharas here. Further down in history, one of the first Hindu kingdoms of South India, Ikshvakus made this city their capital. Once Vijayapuri, today Nagarjunasagar, this hoary land of antiquity and enligtment, now boasts of the world's tallest masonry dam.

When your travel to Nagarjunasagar, just 3 hours drive from Hyderabad you come to nature's beautiful landscape, embellished by the march of civilization. You can cruise down the blue Krishna waters in a twin-deck luxury Cruiser 'Shantisiri' with all comforts. Learn at the Nagarjunakonda Island museum of how the Buddha's bones were enshrined in a casket of bronze, silver, gold and rock crystal before being buried under the Mahastupa. Admire the amazing acoustics of Anupu, the ancient Buddhist vihara recreated to a great detail. And feel the enchantment of Ethipothala waterfalls that daringly froth over from 20 meters of sheet rock.

Nagarjunasagar is a fascinating holiday destination close to Hyderabad.Andhra Pradesh tourism provides comfortable accommodation with all modern amenities, with bar and restaurant attached. Accommodation at punnami Hotel Vijayapuri South  would cost Rss 600(A/c room) while non A/c room would cost Rs 350/-.

For more details, reservations, and tours & accommodations, contact
Central Reservation Office
Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation
Shakar Bhavan
Opp. Police Control Room
Ph: 23298456, 23298457
Fax: 23298455

Bus services operating from Imliban Bus Station, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.(Indian Standard Time)

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